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Blades Waveski Paddles
Blades makes two types of wavekis paddles: 
  • Standard Fibreglass 
  • Carbon Fibre

They are both made from the same moulds and fit the same size shafts. Hand grip and blade edging included. 

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The Standard Fibreglass paddle is made from CSM ( chopped strand mat) and polyester resin. The back rib is re-inforced with a strip of carbon fibre cloth. The shaft is 100% fibreglass and epoxy resins. This results in a strong paddle averaging 1150 grams.

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The Carbon Fibre paddle blades are made from 50% carbon fibre cloth, 50% fibreglass cloth and a much stronger Vinylester Resin. The shaft is 50/50 carbon/fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin. This results are a paddle being approximately 220Gms lighter than the standard fibreglass paddle but much stronger.

The carbon paddle is being used by the top waveski riders world wide, the 'ultimate reliable paddle'.


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Go-Fast Wave Skis

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